One of my Favorite Venues – This weekend

Last night was a blast. I got the opportunity to perform at the Community Arts Cafe along side of the Comedy Potluck Players. It’s always a fun show. It’s dark, intimate, candles are on the tables and the audience always comes to laugh. Comedy Potluck has two of my favorite artist too: Alexander Stone and Britt Canino. JJ Johnson is always funny too. Steve Lesser of the Idiot Box Comedy Club joined the troupe and I probably snorted three to four times because of him. JD Ethridge and Katherine Lloyd performed stand up as I did too. It was a hoot. I had fun testing out a new joke but I stuck to my guns delivering what I know that typically makes audiences laugh. It was my interactions with a very fun lady that made it most memorable for me. My buddy JD gave me ride since I can’t drive myself at the moment. Thanks JD. We got to bond and talk comedy. That’s one of the perks of road trips with comics….the bonding, the learning, the growing. #rawraw

New Beginning

I’m gonna try harder to write here. I find issues with blogging. I run into personal issues, roadblocks I’ll call them. Words are precious and I don’t want to let them just freely flow. I want to be careful, that’s all. I’m not the best writer. I’m not the worst writer. This is going to be a new chapter. I’m just going to blog what I know, what I believe, what I experience. Here goes.


Hi Friends,

This message is brought to you with a heavy heart. A gentleman named Sean Webb passed away on Sunday, April 28th.webb He was a husband, a father, a comedian and a friend to many. I didn’t know Sean well. We met once. It was at the 2013 Cape Fear Comedy Festival. I had mistaken him for another comedian named Lew Morgante. In my defense, I had never met Lew either, not in person anyways. That was are only encounter. I hate that. Sean should not be mistaken for anyone. He was and is one of a kind. He spoke out against the injustice of police brutality that took place in this world. His mark on this world is deep. He has left this world and in my heart I truly believe he is in a place of pure joy, no pain and love, lots of love. Sean passed away fighting cancer. He made jokes about cancer. I’m not sure why God allows beautiful people to leave this world at a young age. My mom passed away battling cancer in 2004. All I know is that we are so fortunate for the time we had with them and the time we have with one another. You are missed by so many Sean. There is a fund that will help Sean’s family for days to come. I urge you, look inside yourself and donate what you can. $5….$10….$100….
Lets help them reach the ultimate goal of $20,000.00. They are already half way there!
Click here to contribute!

Easter Thoughts

Today is a wonderful day. Today is a reminder that Christ has risen. It reminds me that He took my sins, the ‘worlds sins’ upon Him and died for us. He was brutally murdered. He was whipped to a point where He almost bled to death. He was crucified. Nails were hammered into His legs and His hands. A crown of thorns was pressed onto His head. He was mocked and spat upon.

For what? Claiming to be the Messiah, curing lepers, healing the blind, feeding the hungry, spreading a doctrine of love, peace and goodwill.

Two thousand years later He is still spat upon. People on Facebook mock Him.
Why? I don’t know. I will pray for them tonight.

I am certainly no saint but I believe. And I hold His words close to my heart – Love thy God with all thy heart/mind/soul and love thy neighbor as thyself.

I slip up a lot. A whole lot. Drunkenness, lust, not treating my neighbor as I would myself are just a few. But I try. I try. I also do not mock others for what they believe. I do not attack their beliefs that bring peace to their lives which manifest in them doing humanitarian deeds.

I am saddened by all of the disgusting post on Facebook that I see. Many will not read this and that’s okay. I love you so much, you have no idea the pain you set on my heart.

2nd Place – Ultimate Comics Challenge

I had been talking to my brother for an hour on the phone before the finals. He reminded me to be grateful, not nervous. His words helped me tremendously. I was the first finalist to perform. As Steve Lesser was opening and finishing his last joke, I felt the arms of Eric Trundy around me. “You got this kid.” All of the finalist were there. The anticipation could be seen in my eyes which were focused on the stage. I will cherish that 14 and 1/2 minutes of stage time for the rest of my life. It was electrifying. I am so happy for you Eric. He does SO much for SO many. This year, he pushed me to get on stage as much as I could, gave me the opportunity to produce and star in a family friendly sketch show and always, always makes me feel welcome. Congratulations. His set came from his heart too, good job friend. It was an honor sharing the stage with you gentlemen - Jourdain Denzel Fisher, Ryan Higgins and Jay Stadler. I also have to shout out to Anthony Crawford. I got the opportunity, twice to open for him in the month of December. He is very funny and has helped me a lot this year grow as a comic. Thanks man. I want to thank God, the audience, all the comedians who participated in the UCC, my friends who came to support me through out the competition, the Idiot Box, the judges, the Carolina Theatre, their staff and my family. Cheers.

Finals of the Ultimate Comics Challenge

The show is January 17th, 7:30pm at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro, NC

Tickets can be bought online at

The beginning for me and this competition……Well, it all starts way back in 2011.


I made it to the semi finals that year. I gave it my all.

Then there was last year….

UCC Finals 2012I made it to the finals, didn’t win but again, I gave it my all….I was like a little kid at a candy store. It was an honor. always will be. always…I’ll never forget that night.

And now we’re here again…

UCC Finals Poster

Geesh, the final five could have been anyone. Anyone.  There is so much incredible talent here in North Carolina. Many are my friends. I love them.

In 2013, I was booked over 40 times in more than 20 different venues all across the state. I am not bragging nor am I claiming this is spectacular but it was a lot for me. And I could not have done that without so many peoples help. I am grateful. This does not count the open mics which I take a bus to get to, twice a week. I believe the stage time has helped me grow as a stand up comic. I believe I will put on a better performance than I did last year and again, I will give it my all.

Please come and see a very, very funny show.. Bring others, share this on facebook. It’s an honor and privilege to be in the final five again. always. Hope to see you there.

Special Thanks – 2013

I wouldn’t be where I am at without God.

(no order from here on out)

my family
people who love me/support me
my friends
the two cna’s (unmentioned) who help me out of bed and into bed 365 days a year. They deal with my craziness…
love and laughter
wheelchair technology
the surgeons in 2009, all the nurses OT/PT’s, cna’s, exercise therapist, RT’s
Eric Trundy
Anthony Crawford
Jay Stadler
Steve Lesser
Jennie Stencil
Idiot Box Comedy Club
Cape Fear Comedy Festival
Matt Ward
Timmy Sherrill
Greensboro comedy scene
Wilmington comedy scene
Raleigh/Durham/Carrboro comedy scene
Charlotte comedy scene
Beansboro Coffee House
John Eisenhart
The Knuckleheads Crew
Jourdain Fisher
Alexander Stone
Brooklin Green
Jason Bigelow
Jason Motta (wish you were here)
Jenny Chalikean
My dog Baby
Pam Lyon
My mom (wish you were here)
NC Comic Allstars
Table 8
Green Bean
Virginia Wallace
John Boni
Katie Wyatt
Patricia Clay
Brit Canino
Kaycie Ryan
CG Productions (Rob, Joe and Heather)
Pat McLeod
Reid Pegram
Kim Lemons
Zack Levine
Mike Rinaldi

Many of you I did not name but I am thankful for you as well and I love you. This list could go on but……

Zo Meyers
Eric Robertson
James Hodge
Madeline Williams
My brother Neal
My sister Erin
My dad
Philip and Becca
Matt Jeffries
Evan and Jeanie
Cody Allred
Lew Morgante
Matt White
Greenville comedy scene
Tim Vandenberg
Jeanette Szwec
The Carolina Panthers
Dylan Patterson
Elizabeth Mattox
Deb Aronin
Mick Mckenna
Michelle Maclay
Blayr Nias
Tracy Cate
Kalyn and Andrew
Cathy Nicholson
The Underground Cafe
Greenville comedy scene
David and Hannah
Rhianna Gholey
all the women of the world
Pryor, Carson, Seinfield, Ellen, Bamford, C.K., Dave,
Mello Mike
Sean Patton
Zack Burk
Julia McClung
Ryan Higgins
Derick Deaton
Mike Hannon
Adam Haynes
Kevin Kinner
Becky Kupersmith
Conner McLean
La Melle
Kevin Njegovan
Martin McNickle
Sol Pama
Jason and Heather
Cameron Potts
Maria and Sarah Sadler
Jackie Flannigan
Monica Ward
Bryan Whitley
Adam Cohen

Jamie George, Sue Farlow, Elliot Mathis, Colby, Jeff Rachlin

Alright, Im sorry….Im done…so many of you are left out. So many of you helped me progress and have had such a positive influence on my life during 2013. I am truly grateful. If you’re reading this and need a friend, someone to pray for you, help (if I can)…email me.

Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor.