QuarterFinal support!

I believe one day, I will be back on the road. Until then please if you will, help support me with my dreams

imageThe quarterfinals are this Friday at the DSI Comedy Theater.
7:00pm and 8:30pm

Your vote matters! But only vote for me if you truly believe I should move on. Your support in me – makes my spirit feel warm. Thank you from my deepest. Now, come listen to some jokes.

Happy MLK JR. Day

I got hold a beautiful baby today, visited my hometown, saw a couple of beloved friends, held their daughter, put daisies at my moms….and it wouldn’t have been po….(Lydia just gave me a hug). It wouldn’t have been possible without her and I was a jerk today…a real one..

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day world! #globalhumanrights

Got sick yesterday ‘bugh’

Geesh I got sick yesterday. This potentially, deadly flu that’s circling North Carolina midst has got me on high alert. I had soup, spaghetti and watched Netflix. Enough about yesterday, the playoffs were today. What else? I get to meet with a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) official on Tuesday. VR is an amazing service/organization that can be found in most counties in every state. They offer governmental assistance to the disabled for getting back into the Workforce. I am hoping they will assist me in funding for the modifications I will need on a van so I can drive myself to and from work. We will see. I have a truck load of admiration for Russell Wilson. Humility is a sign of a kindred heart.

= a chance

I will drive again. I believe it.
I moved on to the quarter finals.
I’m tired. If you’re reading this and you are disappointed, I understand. But I’m in quarter finals. It wasn’t pretty but I’m still in it to win it. :)
God is Good. Here is the formula to move on:

top game + comic flare + friendly audience + having fun + economy of words = a chance

7 months

The first time we met. It was at Goodnights Comedy Club in the first annual NC’s Funniest Person competition. I was on my way to the restroom when our eyes met. She was on her way too. The bathrooms downstairs are in a rather narrow corridor. She looked beautiful….Her hair was pulled back and immediately our eyes connected and we knew. After the show, I immediately requested to be transferred into my power chair…to not let her get away. After they announced the successors, I zipped outside to catch her. She was leaving but fortunately I was in rabbit mode and caught her. She rolled down her window and I could see the moon reflection….in her eyes….it was beautiful, I could barely speak. There was the moon surrounded by the soft blue ocean of hey eyes. I asked her, “do you have anywhere to be?” She replied by shaking her head..so I told her to turn around and park beside the van where I had a few flowers for her waiting in the front seat where we talked and I guess the rest is history….my choice of study….cheers love.

Something was in the Water

I can’t stop replaying last nights events in my head. It was peculiar yet normal. It was round two of the Carolina’s Funniest Comic competition. The round reminded me of the playoffs. It was gritty, tough, cold and competitive. I believe there was a total of eight, voting audience participants. Eight. Ask any comedian, a larger crowd is always preferable. Double digits at the least and in theater that can seat a 100 plus. Geesh, it was challenging. If you don’t perform your best, you don’t typically move on. That’s my experience anyways. In ALL, I have performed in Eight semifinal rounds and Five final rounds in five different comic competitions. Last night was by far the most difficult and bizarre. Something was in the water. The stage was shared with comedians that I thoroughly enjoy and admire. Winning this would mean a lot to me. In 2013, I placed second in Carolinas Funniest Comic comp and received a Facebook message from a new fan urging me to come back and earn ‘what rightly belonged to me’. So now I have. I believe I have a chance but only if I move on. Thank you to DSI theater and staff for assisting me on and off the stage. I am grateful.


i’ve got the second round of Carolinas Funniest Comic Competition tonight. Competitions always make me nervous. When something is on the line I just seem to be filled with an anxiety like no other. Literally I feel like I want to throw up seconds before I get on stage.

The weather is sort of scary today. It’s been drizzling all day and the temperatures tonight will reach below freezing. I’m traveling up there with fellow comedians and friends Mike Rinaldi and JD Ethridge. I’m not sure of my set list yet, I thought I knew but I’m having second doubts. I just want to open strong and end strong. I have five minutes and the competition tonight is stacked so……We’ll see how it goes. I exercised my arms last night in practice for driving….I think I’m about to go do that now while I wait on my ride. God is good much love.

The New Blog

this is the beginning of a new Leo. I’m still the same but I’m going to do my best to blog. Why? A lot of people have told me me that I am an inspiration to them. I have been told that I contain grit. I am not the best writer but also not the worst. I’ll do my best to make these reads pleasurable for you. I have no agenda in this blog. Just the truth. That’s it for now. I created a vision board and on it are goals and aspirations I believe I will achieve. image

Among them include: finishing my degree, getting my drivers license, blog daily, church weekly, exercise and more. I’ve tried to blog regularly before and have failed miserably. Do me a favor. If you do find yourself reading this routinely, please drop me a note, let me know. As always, keep looking up. love.

One of my Favorite Venues – This weekend

Last night was a blast. I got the opportunity to perform at the Community Arts Cafe along side of the Comedy Potluck Players. It’s always a fun show. It’s dark, intimate, candles are on the tables and the audience always comes to laugh. Comedy Potluck has two of my favorite artist too: Alexander Stone and Britt Canino. JJ Johnson is always funny too. Steve Lesser of the Idiot Box Comedy Club joined the troupe and I probably snorted three to four times because of him. JD Ethridge and Katherine Lloyd performed stand up as I did too. It was a hoot. I had fun testing out a new joke but I stuck to my guns delivering what I know that typically makes audiences laugh. It was my interactions with a very fun lady that made it most memorable for me. My buddy JD gave me ride since I can’t drive myself at the moment. Thanks JD. We got to bond and talk comedy. That’s one of the perks of road trips with comics….the bonding, the learning, the growing. #rawraw

New Beginning

I’m gonna try harder to write here. I find issues with blogging. I run into personal issues, roadblocks I’ll call them. Words are precious and I don’t want to let them just freely flow. I want to be careful, that’s all. I’m not the best writer. I’m not the worst writer. This is going to be a new chapter. I’m just going to blog what I know, what I believe, what I experience. Here goes.