MML Denver 2 – I gotta run

advblog-Recovered2All I had to do was last the entire flight without peeing. 20150325_133212I couldn’t. I blame the TSA. And Obama, and Bush and the Jihad. You too Snowden. I do though tip my hat to the US Airways staff for helping. It was a new experience for all of us on board. I’m really digging the hotel. They are professional, happy, and friendly. really nice. I keep forgetting to tip. I need to be more like Ray from the Goodfellas. Get that secret access. I feel like I’m in a good place. Neal took me to a Grateful Dead bar called Sanchos.20150325_184325It was good to get loose and shake down. Yesterday was a blast. We got to play the jukebox which rarely is ever found silent. Afterwards we got some hot dogs….My personal care attendant showed up at 5 a.m. this morning and it could not have gone any better. I’m about to go roll down to the Squire, the venue I am performing at tomorrow night. Then I think I’m gonna go to the preliminary rounds at the Su Teatro Performing Arts Theatre. I feel blessed and I’m just really thankful. I witnessed a real fight club outside in the park with gloves, punches, and shakes afterwards. Video to follow. The view outside my balcony is amazing.


Make Me Laugh Leo Hodson 1: Introduction

advblog-Recoveredunnamed-2So this is going to be a live blogging adventure experience.This may or may not appeal to you. My name is Leo Hodson. I am a comedian as well as a wheelchair user. I’m traveling across the country (NC to Denver) to perform comedy as part of the 2015 Make Me Laugh comedy competition series .

I’m traveling by myself. This will be the first time I’ve ever attempted anything like this since my injury. This won’t be my first time travelling to Denver though. In 2009 my friend, my buddy, my boss, my mentor Timothy Vandenberg and I traveled to Mile High which we premeried his feature mocumentary film 4th and Long in the 2009 Festivus Film Festival. This is where I skied down my first mountain, a memory I will always treasure. It was during the NFL playoffs and the Carolina Panthers were getting man handled by the Arizona Cardinals. If you’re into scary films check out Tims new project The Silent Tower. 

 In this blog I will be writing about the obstacles and adventures that take place from the airport to the streets of Denver, from the hotel to the stages of 303. During this experience I will also be chatting it up with my friend, author and fellow wheelchair user Kevan Chandleunnamed-3r via facebook. Meet Kevan.. We have a podcast coming out later this summer: Crips & Crepes. Check out his books and publications here. I will try to write in this series as much as I can and film as much as possible. I feel blessed for the journey I am on. If you want to follow this, please do, share, and write me. Please keep me in your prayers. much love. Neal, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have applied to MML Denver. You push me, you always have. You give me so much courage man. I love you and I can’t wait to spend this week with you. Mile high!

DSI Show last NIGHT

I really love performing at DSI Comedy Theater! I feel that the audiences are always warm and embrace my humor. Thank you for coming out and supporting live comedy Chapel Hill! Thank you for letting me share funny with you. Last night I got loose, told some of my most favorite jokes, told the stories behind the jokes and had a great time doing it. It may not be pretty 25 minutes but its always fun and laughter doesn’t seem to be far, ever. PorkBanner2-1

Six Years today

Six Years today

I fell 18 feet, broke my neck, lost the ability to breath, drink water or speak. I was motionless from the neck down. I communicated with blinking.

_MG_7988Six years later. I’m still chasing my dreams. I’m getting new sensations back through out my body and I’m still getting on stages. God is Good. Love. Thank you all for your support.

a rough patch

I posted this on fb two days

The response is just amazing. Geesh. Sensation in my foot. It’s still stinging. First and forth most, all glory be to God. In no way does this mean that I’ll walk. It may mean nothing on the spectrum to recovery but in that moment of feeling, feeling my foot which I haven’t in years, it meant everything.

I’m not concerned with walking as much as I am just being a better Christian. The love shown to me was/is very meaningful to me. Support goes a long way. I will continue to share updates of my recovery with others. What ever the struggles are…we can conquer to see another day. With love and kindness so much can transpire. I hope through this experience I am able to support others who may need a hand. If you read this and want to talk, maybe you’re going through a rough patch, email me.

Subject heading – rough patch -

We will get through this. together. Love. Always.

trying at everything

If you’re reading this, hi. Hola. Welcome. I hope you are relaxing wherever you are. I am trying….trying at everything. I’m studying spanish, pursuing independence, studying my faith, applying to festivals, getting rejected from festivals.
I love comedy. Writing comedy, performing comedy, watching comedy. Laughter and smiling. There’s this euphoria that engulfs me. I wish I knew how to get to the top. And by top, I mean, making an earnings from comedy and still being me.

Who am I? I am a man who is evolving. Open minded yet my feet are concrete to a rock. I love. I make mistakes. I dance. I dream. Walking and moving my fingers in unison is something I long for.

Coyote Ugly sure is a tear jerker. By 2016 I hope to be a semester away from graduating, within reach of making a living doing comedy, stronger, braver, be a better man for her, a better human for everyone….Adios.

Quitting wont be easy

This kid just danced to the song – You’re Amazing, Just the Way You Are -
And I’m just sitting here at Starbucks and he is really dancing. I feel like it’s in our genetic make up. If there’s music, there’s dancing. I love to dance. It’s fun. I saw that Legos are for ages 4 – 99. If your 100 and reading this and this is NEWS to you. I’m sorry. Some rules are meant to be broken. Alieve, I’m looking at you. And I’ll pray more frequently.

CFC Finals are Coming!

The Carolina’s Funniest Comic Finals are this Sunday. And tickets are going….well, truthfully I have no idea how fast their going.

You can purchase them by clicking HERE.

It’s been super fun, challenging and eventful. I feel blessed to have made it this far. I wasn’t suppose to.

I’ve gotta get my set in order. Goodnight world!

Bladder Surgery

There are times when neurons travel past my injury site but don’t always get the right messages through. My legs shake, my fingers may pull in and sometimes my bladder spasms. When that happens it makes me have to pee….a lot. So my urologist and I believe the best, current solution is Botox. I find it ironic that I want to conquer paralysis yet I use it to live life more joyfully. Hmmm.

I am thankful that todays operation was a success. I am thankful to God, all the doctors, nurses, cna’s, my dad, my brother, my girlfriend and the world. Everyday is a gift. Even the hardest ones. I gotta go now….and by go, I mean pee…success.