Wheel Life

I wear many hats

I am a quadriplegic
A husband
A father
A substitute teacher
A paratransit reservationist 
A comedian 
A Christian 
A person who is trying

This is a new series I'm putting out into the world. 


Wheel Life with

Leo Hodson

On August 30th i performed at a show in Raleigh. The show's title was called the Everyday. I focused my set on what I experience everyday. You know, work, kids, marriage, my disability, ect.. I don't know who this is for or if anyone will read this. My aim is to publish a piece every week or so, sharing myself with the world. I hope this series is comical, heartfelt and meaningful. Above all I hope it's truthful……then entertaining. Sometimes, I close myself off….I restrict what I say…..I edit myself in fear of what others may think or that I may bring shame to God…..but to fear God is to hate evil, which I do..and I love people….and I also love making others laugh…In this series I’m going to ride the bus (a lot), write jokes, tell jokes, make fun with people, make fun of people, dance, parent and love. I hope you enjoy….Much love. This episode covers my performance of round one of the Ultimate Comics Challenge at the Idiot Box Comedy Club. I was voted by my colleagues, my fellow competitors to move on to the Wild Card round where I will get the opportunity to compete to get into the Quarterfinals. I will be performing Friday, October 26th at 10pm. If you can make it out, I would love your support! These videos are apt to change as I try to get my flow..