Wheel Life: Episode Two

Episode Two highlights my life from October 21st - 27th. Paratransportation, Wildcard round of the Ultimate Comic's Challenge, Zoo Trip, Family Life. Special guest Zina Shivers. Music by Bradley Davis. I hope you enjoy. It will be 14 years that my mom left this Earth come tomorrow. I miss her. Her time here was so short, too short.. If I could go back and spend every minute with her outside of school, I would..I was selfish..I was 17 and in my heart I thought she had it beat.. I  imagine in many ways she would be the same woman today she was the last time we spoke. Happy, full of hope, corny, concerned and loving. I'm still trying mom. I'm really thankful she shared Jesus with me. When I was four years old I remember her asking me if I had ever asked Jesus into my heart. I told her yes, that my teachers said a prayer with me..We did it again, just to make sure. He is my Rock. And my Foundation..

I would have loved sharing my jokes with her. Speaking of jokes..

Ultimate Comic's Challenge 
(Idiot Box Comedy Club)

I've competed in it every year for eight years! Heck, I've competed in over 15+ competitions, winning two and losing many..well, losing most. I've made it to the finals in the UCC twice but I've never won. This year I have made it to the Semifinal round…again.

I would really appreciate your support. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get you the deetz. It will be Friday, November 16th. Much love and special shout outs to Brent, Zina and Dr. Ahmad for coming out to support me. And of course my family.