It's Funny How Things Turn Out.

On Wednesday I attended an orientation to become a substitute teacher for Guilford county schools. I decided to take the public transportation service for people with disabilities (SCAT). It's an amazing, life changing service! It's one of the main reasons we want to stay here in Greensboro. Upon arriving it became apparent that the orientation meeting room was inaccessible. It saddened infuriated me. A half hour went by as I sat in the lobby.. You have to keep calm I told myself. Be positive. So after a little longer a kind lady came and got me. I was given an one on one orientation presentation explaining the process. It couldn't have gone any better. The interviewer was part of the staff for recruiting and staffing for Guilford county schools. After the interview she introduced me to her fellow coworker and superior. It's funny how things turn out.

In December I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from UNCG. (and a minor in Sociology but who's counting).

I've been training to become a teacher as far back as I can remember. As a kid my mom would have me divide her students assignments into separate stacks. These stacks would eventually become piles and these piles would eventually take over our living room. Those were the days. As a student I've been blessed to have been taught by some pretty amazing educators. 

Here are a few that I have learned from that I hope rub off on my teaching style:

  • Ms. Stephens (North Asheboro Middle School) Chorus Teacher
  • Mr. Rachlin (North Asheboro Middle School) Social Studies and Language Arts
  • Mr. Luck (Asheboro High School) American History
  • Senora Salas (Asheboro High School) Spanish
  • Ms. Farlow (Asheboro High School) Yearbook
  • Ms. Shinn (Asheboro High School) Librarian 
  • Ms. Lemons (AHS) Student Council
  • Mr. Colby Cochran (NCASC) Student Council
  • Dr. Furquean (Cape Fear Community College) Theology
  • Ms. Brooklin Green (CFCC) Comedy
  • Mr. McGee (Cape Fear Community College) Activity Director 
  • Mr. Kruetzer (Cape Fear Community College) Film
  • Mr. Vandenberg (CFCC) Television Studio
  • Professor Pucket (CFCC) Sociology
  • Professor Anderson (University of North Carolina of Greensboro) Chinese History
  • Professor Levenstein (University of North Carolina of Greensboro) Voting Rights History
  • Professor Elliot (UNCG) Civil War
  • Professor Thomas (UNCG) American Imperialism 
  • Professor Levine (University of North Carolina of Greensboro) Western Civilization 
  • Professor Ruzicka (University of North Carolina of Greensboro) Research Writing
  • Professor Bregman (UNCG) Theology
  • My mom (miss you)

so many more too. (you too dad)

My plan is to be fair, informative, passionate, funny, creative, quick, animated, relaxed, wise, respectful, truthful, eager, fun, strict and positive.

I don't plan on throwing in the comedy towel anytime soon (ever). Some really exciting things are on the horizon. Eventually I hope to get a full time teaching job.....I imagine teaching will cut into my comedy but don't you worry!

I'll keepa writing, I'll keep getting on stage! Please, come check me out at a show and be on the look out for some upcoming projects. 

Your support has helped me get this far so if you're reading this, thank you for being you and much love. Please keep positive even if things seem dismal, email me, let me know if I can help.