Goodnight Goodnight's Funniest

It was the semi finals of NC's Funniest comedy competition. I did my absolute best. I prepared and followed the advice I had received from some very talented, experienced comedians. And it paid off. From the moment the host handed me the mic to the moment when two men carried me off stage, the crowd was with me. Every joke landed. It was electrifying. I truly believe it was my best short set to date. Unfortunately though, I didn't move on.....nor did I record it. The competition was judged by six judges. After the host revealed the winners I felt confused and disheartened. And I wasn't the only one. After the show about a dozen people came up to me and shared with me their thoughts. This is what I remember being told:

"you made me cry"  "you were our number one"  "please don't give up, you are really talented"
"I thought you were the funniest and so did my two girlfriends"  "really thought you were moving on"

I was in shock. I didn't understand and truthfully, I still don't. And that's alright. I know I can grow from this experience. 

What to take away:

  • That seven minute set order was really good despite not advancing and I will make some tweaking to update it for my 10 minute set to come this August for Asheville.

  • I need to reach out to the people who approach me after shows. I should leave them with a way to follow me online. At the very least tell them I have a website. 

  • That it's okay that I lost and that it's also okay that I want feedback from the judges. I'm not sure if I'm gonna get it. 

Comedy competitions are either decided by audience vote or judges. They both have their pros and cons. I have won and lost with both. All one can do is accept the outcome and try to grow from it. It can't be easy judging an art competition. I want to publicly thank them and the two men who carried me on and off of the stage.

Entering competitions are good ways for comics to reach big crowds, get recognition and show their craft to their peers so they can possibly get booked on to other shows. I don't foresee myself calling it quits anytime soon as painful as this was.

This post was for get over losing after doing so well. In the process I came up with this thought.....learn and let learn....meaning

Learn and let that learning positively put you in a better position than where you were before.

Lydia told me she was proud of me after my set. Which was cool. And I really needed to hear it in that moment. Performing in this contest, on that exact stage, is after all where we first met two years ago. And now....well, we're in love and we have a beautiful daughter. Goodnight Goodnight's Funniest.