Sean Patton Strikes Again

The first time I saw Mr. Sean Patton was 2013 at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival. I watched him do two (back to back) shows with two completely different sets.  I never stopped smiling...his comedy went so far beyond where I typically allowed my imagination to go.......the Romantic, TEXAS...IT just blew me away. I had the honor to do an opening guest spot on his first show at the festival......Here is the ending 

After the show a few comics were telling me that I crushed and that I "killed the room"  

Sean overheard us and said, (paraphrasing) 'a comedians goal should never be to kill the room but funny.'

Until he said that my goal was ALWAYS to try and kill the room. It was bred into me. I associated doing my best/trying my hardest with straight slaughtering. The majority of my stage time up to that point was within comedy competitions where "killing it" IS A MUST in order to advance. Those words though, "just be funny" have made an impact on me. There is no more weight around my 'performers neck', I'm more relaxed and they kinda help me loosen up......right before I go on stage.

I was fortunate to see him this past Wednesday at the Idiot Box Comedy Club.....and he did it again, he just blew me away. and Greensboro came out too. It was such a great show. Hosted by Eric Trundy with a feature set by Ryan Higgins. I scheduled my bus to pick me up at 11pm which would have been plenty of time to catch the show and hang out for a little bit afterwards.......But No, it came at 9:45 and I just barely....barely was able to catch the end. I had to roll outside as everyone crowded around him. He signed and left me a poster. Thanks Sean, thanks Steve. It's going on the wall.

"NEXT TIME STICK AROUND!" That hits home for me too. I can't tell you how many times I've dipped out after a show to appease whomever it is that may be assisting me. I try to be home at a reasonable hour because I rely on assistance to get into bed. It's just the way it is for now. This is something that I can problem-solve....I know it....and it's been on my mind for a while now....I'm gonna work on thanks man. It was cool to see you perform again and you KILLED IT at the end of The Grawlix.