Casual Sets

The Casual Sets show

is a show at DSI Comedy Theater where six comedians exchange their own set list with each other at random. Each comedian receives the set list..literally moments before jumping on stage. The setlist is conveniently put on display on the televisions so the crowd can follow along on a journey of a live reaction joke telling experience. This past Friday I had the opportunity to perform for an audience of about seven was..........AMAZING. They were so much fun. And engaging but not heckling maybe a little heckling, lots of heckling but it was awesome. The very funny Brian Burns hosted and set the tone throughout. It was an honor sharing the stage with everyone:

Erik Hoversten

Erin G.

Vinny Valdivia

Brian Sutorius

and Carey Cox

My smile stretched from beginning to end. I just hope I get a chance to do that show again and I hope you can make it too. It's a real hoot. It's such a fun challenge to be silly.

It felt good. Better than good. Creativity. Live. Joke Telling.