What is Love

What is Love?

Is it the present?
Is it something you give?
Is it something you hold on to?
Is it a smile?

Was it the first time I saw you?
Is it a look in our eyes?

Can it be found in words?
Can it be felt through a hug?

Can you fake it?

Is there varying degrees of it?
Can it be found in a song or a photograph?
Can you take it back?

It was your last words to me.

I love you too mom.

- a reflection on love

Back at Home

Thank you everyone for all your support. I am back in Greensboro and I am safe. I have a lot on my plate at the moment but soon I plan to share good news in regards to my recovery.  Please remember to pray for Darren, Parker, Joshua, Jasmine, Jacob, Garret, Taylor and Daniel as well as all of their families. I will write an update soon.

Bogey passed away yesterday.

Ode to Sir Humphrey

a protecter, a bear, a wolf

a happy dog

You could make Chewbacah noises better than Chewbacah himself

a loving dog

You would sneak up and lick my face when I did weight shifts

a mans best friend

You would howl when you were away from human contact

but on the flip side,

many UPS men ran for their lives because of your ferocious bark.

You were Soft, fluffy, gentle, loud

and even dainty

I gave you a hard time but you did the same to me

I would corner you with my wheel chair and in return

you would

sigh (release a big huff) when I would yell for help.

You were strong until the end.

the best shiloh shepherd

You would of made the best sheep herder

not because you would of loved sheep

but you would of loved your Shepherd

Farewell Friend.

Day 15 – ATL to GSO to ATL

This will be my last writing of this series. I wasn’t expecting a fourth week but there is a lot packed into this final stretch. I have learned a lot in these three weeks; physically and mentally. Do not under estimate the power of will, hope and support. I have a lot of thank you letters to write to you all, expect one soon. The Shepherd Center is an amazing place and I am grateful for their warm reception. I have to go pack to return to Atlanta. This week should bring more bed mobility, dressing, walking, bike riding, praying, staring over Buckhead, pain, writing, listening, swimming, smiling, singing, eating, dancing, comedy performing, terrible threes, electric stimulating, standing, persevering, laughing, hopefully not falling, manual wheelchair pushing, planning, reading, sleeping and much learning. learn everyday, give everyday, be patient and don’t lose hope. Peace, love and goodwill. over and out.

Day 14 – First For’s

First For
creating and cooking an omelet post injury
fell out of my chair and landed on my head. (I’m okay but I didn’t get to eat my omelet)
made friends with someone from Saudi Arabia.

met the bicep tendon transfer surgeon here at Shepherd

was given an extended stay here at shepherd for another week.

Please pray for Jasmine (stomach bug), Joshua (legs and attitude), and Parker for a complete full recovery. PT starts at 8 am, I better go to bed. Thank you for your prayers and support. Much love, peace and goodwill.

Day 13 – high hopes

Today began with a 25 minute walk. As I was suspended in air by the harness, my blood pressure began to drop. I almost passed out today, exhausted. I went on a PUBLIX fieldtrip today and shopped for my omelet cooking therapy for tomorrow. Lunch will consist of a cheese-spinach-mushroom-onion omelet with a side of cut peaches, bananas, oranges with a glass of carrot juice. I did a manual wheelchair push-a-thon today. With my OT, we worked on putting my shoes on, and taking my shoes off for about an hour. Oh, so close yet so far away. After OT I worked on bed mobility (getting my legs in a position to dress and put on shoes). It was pretty much awesome. My last training for the day took place in the pool. As I swam laps (freestyle, breast and moth) I sang songs in a snorkle as the therapist would guide my arms and played name that tune. My case worker informed that I might get extended another week. She told me not to give my hopes up but I don’t think she should of told me then. I’ll find out tomorrow. So tired, eyes are shutting, must sleep. Thank you all for your prayers and words. Please pray that I get an extension. Much love, peace and goodwill.

Day 11 & 12 – Sinch by Inch, Hard by Yard

It is has been so hard to write these last few days. Yesterday, I walked for 40 minutes and biked for five miles, on top of extensive physical therapy (rolling in bed techniques). Don’t misunderstand me though, I love the challenge and truthfully, I am getting stronger and showing progress.

My OT told me today that she was going to recommend me for an extended session in October. I worked on more bed rotations today and I also worked on putting on my own shorts, shoes and socks. Both of these task are very difficult but with repetition I believe I can do them. I walked for 30 minutes again today. One of my PT’s thinks that with my current quadricep function, I may be able to use it to stand. Its a (ways a way) but, “sinch by inch, hard by yard, you have to eat an elephant one bite at a time.” I pushed myself around in the manual wheelchair this afternoon, it is getting easier. God is Good.

Tomorrow, I start the day with another 30 minute walk, then a grocery store outing, then electric stimulation to the shoulders, then more dressing and finishing up in the pool with Lisa. She stole me from another TR to work on my snorkeling. Thank you all for your prayers and your words of support. Much love, peace and goodwill.