Update June 22nd, 2011

Yesterday,  I felt the muscles in my left and right leg, my calve muscles, activate while focusing on various leg workouts.  I got really excited. It’s not everyday that a new sensation or motor function skill returns. This is proof that neuro pathways are still trying to connect.

The Return to Shepherd Center (pre-return)

I have received a three week, full scholarship into the Day Program at Shepherd starting July 18th, 2011.

I will do my absolute best to accomplish the goals that I have presented to them. I will not shy away from any oppurtunity that they present to me that will help me physically and mentally grow. I will log my goals/ my progress / and my experience once I start. I will do it with a good and focused determination. Please pray for me. I truly believe that I can gain my independence back and walk if it is in Gods will. believe. Your emails are welcomed too. You can encourage me with words,  I am grateful for your support.

Much love,