Update 1-7-2011

I ended last semester with three A-’s, and one C+

I’m taking 12 hours again, five days a week, starting Monday, January 10th.

I ride a bus to and from school, its part of the city transportation. Its like it was when I was a kid but way cooler because I get to carry around a punch card.

Im starting back with intensive physical exercise at Race to Walk. Hopefully atleast once a week.

I’m performing for the third year in a row, at Laughing 4 Life in Wilmington, NC. <———-7pm, Friday, February 4th, Level 5 City Stage

No crazy significant report on my recovery. I would like to express to you that all spinal cord injuries are different. I believe in my recovery and I am active in the pursuit of becoming stronger.

I am very thankful for the function and sensation I do obtain. I am also grateful for the friends from my past and those who surround me now.

feel free to write me, leo.m.hodson@gmail.com