Sending Signals to T-12

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I have been working on a new goal for the last few weeks. I sit and I try to straighten the vertebras in my lower back. In the beginning of my injury, I had no balance when I sat on the edge of a table. I would literally flop to either side with the lightest touch. I currently have enough control of my trunk to lean from side to side without falling. Don’t misunderstand me though, I still lose my balance but I am getting stronger. My physical therapist sits behind me, feels my lower back and tells me to sit up straight. She tells me to think of my lower back as I try my hardest. My lower back tingles as I try. She can feel the muscles activating all the way down my lower spine. I am activating muscles way below the site of my injury. WITH CONTROL. She is amazing and I am grateful that she believes in me. She feels activation even below my T-12. Search up the spinal cord, and look at the distance between C5 and T12.  Thank you for believing in me.

My Brother Neal

Today, my brother Neal turned 25 years old. Quarter of a Century.

So, I fell from a second story balcony March 15th, 2009.  When this happened my brother Neal was enrolled at the University of Greensboro North Carolina Bryan School of Business. He held multiple jobs, had an apartment, his life had a plan and was in motion. When I fell he dropped out of all his classes, left his jobs, his home, his life to be by my side. He gave up everything to help me. I know your reading this thinking, well if that happened to my sibling, I would of done the same thing. Are you sure? How do you know? Are you willing to give up everything for someone you care about? and if so whom? Dig deep and remember my brothers courage. I hope that none of you are ever put in a similar position as I have laid out. I am thankful that I have Neal as my brother. I am thankful he was born twenty five years to the day.

Au Revoir Bridgett

Goodbye Bridgett. Bridgett was one of my exercise science/physical trainers at RacetoWalk. She worked with me for about a year. She helped me establish balance, core strength, arm strength, leg strength, better quad/glute connections. I am glad that are paths crossed.  She taught me two really important things. 1: do  not eat dorritos, not even one, before working out with a trainer. The smell will permeate through your skin. 2: This goes for life and fitness. When your finishing your work out and you only have five repetitions left. DO NOT PUT FORTH EFFORT TO TRY HARDER but YOU DO YOUR BEST, YOUR COMPLETE BEST THE ENTIRE WORK OUT. I will miss you as a friend and as a trainer that helped me grow physically and mentally. I hope nothing but the best for you, Ben, and the baby. I will keep your family in my prayers in the days to come. Thank you for making a difference.

The Pillow

On the first day of school, I attended with a small gray neck pillow which was placed behind my calves, to protect them from a leg strap. When  I got home, my dad pointed out that pillow must of been left behind, sad day, -the calve pillow was my idea too-. Two weeks went by, no talk of the calve pillow, too touchy. Well, last Wednesday, surely enough, someone had placed the pillow on a brick railing in front of my class building. I smiled as I  got closer, there was little doubt. I left it there as I rolled on by to my Civil War class, thinking to myself -surely no one would wrongfully take my calve pillow- and you know what? I was right, no one did. So I picked it up on my way to Modern Europe and now it lays somewhere unknown, out of my reach in my bedroom.

standing on TUESDAY

Yesterday while working with my physical therapist I tried to stand with her assistance.  I sat on the edge of the bed, I breathed slowly. I closed my eyes, I opened my eyes, i closed them again. One…….Two……..Three. I immediately thought about my quadriceps pushing into the ground, a jackhammer destroys concrete, my brain begins to send signals down my  spine. My legs straighten. Before I can shout success I quickly turn my thoughts to my lower spine, as dominos fall in line, my lower back begins to straighten. I stand tall as my physical therapist is relieved. Her hard work is evident as WE achieve one of my best stands to date.

Therapy Update

I have begun a new chapter in my training. I prop on my knees and try to crawl with my elbows. Its hard to explain. i will post a video soon.

I was able to stand 3 times with assistance after school today. -September 3rd

I transfered myself with minimal assistance from my chair to my bed. I haven’t quite figured out how to relax the muscle tone in my hamstrings so they will follow my body.